Thursday, August 27, 2020

Catch a Firefly

Hi Crafty Friends,
Did you used to catch fireflies as a kid? I did! My sister and I had little bug cages we made and we would go out at night and see who could catch the most. Don't worry we let them go! My sister is passing the tradition on to her kids, below are pics of her and her son Thomas catching his first firefly! I thought these pictures matched perfectly with the darling FIREFLY image from Rachelle Ann Miller Creative Studios.

Make Crafty Friends Q & A:
Q: Do you have fireflies where you live?
A: Me? Yes, but there are WAY less than when I was a kid... where did they all go?

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Rachelle Ann Miller Creative Studios Fireflies
Newtons Nook Falling Snow Stencil
Kindred Stamps Electric Yellow Glitter Gloss
Paper Smooches Fireworks Die
Stickles Glitter


  1. Such a sweet image, totally love the sparkle inside the jar.
    No, we don't have fire flies where we live

  2. Really cute card. And the photos are just adorable. We don't have fireflies in CA, but we have seen them, and have caught them, when traveling to Wisconsin to see family. My brother and I caught some, put them into a Roman Meal Bread bag overnight, and woke up to....we learned quickly not to keep bugs trapped in a container. Anyway, they are magical. I told our kids about them, and how much fun it was to chase them when I was little, so when my husband and kids and I visited my family many years later, the kids loved running around with them!!

  3. Darling card and pics! No fireflies here where I live. I have never seen one!

  4. Cute card and photos. I loved to catch fireflies as a kid and with my own kids and now with my grandkids.

  5. Gorgoeod card and photos. No fireflies here
    Claire Mrs H's Crafty Corner

  6. Such a cute and sweet card. Love her glittered cheeks. Thomas is adorable. As a kid in my home state we caught them all the time, but here in Florida I never see them. I never see phosphorescent bark either which is magical when you do see it.

  7. No we don't have them here, great card BTW

  8. Cute card and we didn't have
    firefly where I lived. Got
    to see them in Oklahoma though.
    Carla from Utah

  9. I've never seen an actual firefly, just in books. That card is the cutest ever, and your nephew is so sweet with his red and white striped pjs!!

  10. That's an amazing scene Meghan!! I have never seen fireflies

  11. Super nice card!
    I didnt see fireflies here..

  12. Your card is so Cute! We call them Lightning Bugs here in Indiana. Loved catching them as a kid. I would catch as many as I could, put them in a mason jar(with holes in the top). Put them in my dark bedroom and enjoy them for a little while. Then let them go.So fun! I still enjoy sitting on the porch looking at them. They look like little diamonds sparkling everywhere.

  13. Super cute and great pics capturing!
    I never seen fireflies.

  14. Very nice card, the image is fantastic.
    Yes, we have fireflies where I live, but much less than when I was kid.
    Valerija xx