Friday, May 19, 2023

Thanks, To a Brilliant Teacher

Hi Crafty Friends,
School is almost over! I don't have kids but my sister is a teacher and has two little ones that need to show their appreciation for their teachers. I made these cards for them to give to their teachers using Honey Bee Stamps Brilliant Day Stamp Set and Bitty Buzzwords Honey Cuts. I was inspired by the Honey Bee Buzzworthy Challenge Tic Tac Toe (Die Cuts, Pattern Paper, Thank You).

Make Crafty Friends Q & A:
Q: What are you getting your kids' teachers to show your appreciation?
A: Me? These cards

Card #1: Brilliant Teacher

Card #2: You Add Color to My World

Card #3: Grateful 

Card #4: Thankful

Honey Bee Stamps Brilliant Day Stamp Set
Honey Bee Stamps Bitty Buzzwords Honey Cuts

Colorful Options Challenge May Blue or Rainbow


  1. Very fun cards! The kids will love handing them out to the teachers!
    If I had kids in school, I'd probably do some baking and send the kids with a goodie bag for their teachers. I love to bake!

  2. Love these cards, M! On behalf of all teachers, thanks for your efforts to make us feel appreciated. I have arrived at my classroom around 7 a.m. (at latest, 7:10 a.m.) daily all year. The last two weeks, at least four evenings, I have been there all day until after 8 p.m. The general public has little idea what all teachers see, do and have to put up with from entitled students, difficult colleagues, apathetic parents and demanding administrators. I am lucky to work in a school where a lot goes right and I do feel supported most of the time. There are many, many wonderful and talented students and supportive parents and they help teachers bear the rest of the load we carry. Thanks so much!

  3. The teachers will love these cards. Not
    having any kids, teachers are not on my
    list. thanks for sharing.