Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Panda Love with Emma

Hi Crafty Friends,
Are you burnt out on Christmas cards? How about a DARLING little panda card? This is the new image from Paper Nest Dolls called Emma with Panda. I LOVE Pandas!! They were my FAVORITE animal growing up. Below is a picture of my all time FAVORITE Christmas Present. This adorable stuffed panda from FAO Schwartz. I slept with it every night until it fell apart!

Make Crafty Friends Q & A:
Q: Do you or did you have a favorite stuffed animal?
A: Me? Yes! The panda below... now my stuffed animal is real... Maddie cuddles with me right under my chin every night!

Paper Nest Dolls Emma with Panda
Kat Scrappiness Stitched Rope Rectangle Die
Doodlebug Zoo Paper
Enamel Dots
Gingham Black Ribbon


  1. I am not burnt out on Christmas cards. I make them throughout the year so I enjoy it, and each one is different. I had a stuffed bear called Little Baby (I had MANY stuffed animals--I didn't like dolls, except Barbies when I was a little older--so many stuffed animals that it took a while to get them cleaned off of my bed before bedtime). I still have Little Baby in my cedar chest. She looks nothing like she did when I got her. I loved her so much, she fell apart. My mom replaced her eyes, mouth, and nose. There was no hope for her ears or fur. Her shoulders have no stuffing in them--her arms just flop. She literally has no fur. My parents showed home movies several years ago, and one of them showed me opening up Little Baby on Christmas Eve. My mom said THAT was Little Baby, but I didn't believe it, and still find it hard to believe :) She looked NOTHING like she does now, or 99% of the time I carried her around, took her camping, etc.

  2. I love the coloring on your card and the little girl with the panda looks like you in the Christmas picture. I have a panda from Ikea that my hubby gave me a few years ago and it still sits most of the year on my hall tree. Right now because of Christmas decorations it is on our guest bed.

  3. Cute card! I got a Cuddly Duddly dog for Christmas when I was 4 or 5. He was huge for a little girl. I had him until he started to split at the seams.

  4. Sweet card! I love the panda paper you used for the background! Cute image and pretty coloring!
    I did have a very special stuffed animal fox.

  5. I have never seen Panda paper and it is so cute and yes that little girl does look like you. I don't ever remember having a stuffed animal as a kid. My Grandfather tried to win big Teddy Bears at the fair for me, but we never managed to get one.

  6. Adorable panda card and cute photo. I had a stuffed dog as a child and still have it.

  7. Oh my goodness your card IS YOU perfectly! Sweet paper and sweet memories. y Thumbalina took me through tonsillectomy pneumonia every dingke spring. She is tucked away still in this old gals memory box. Yuppers, sweet doggie is there through it all now! (But I do have a few fluffy stuffy friends around... especially on the holidays if they sing or dance)... still a kid at heart.

  8. so very cute card!
    no I dont have.
    I do have favorite animal that is cat .