Tuesday, October 25, 2022

2022 Cat Lovers Hop Featuring Your Next Stamp Fa-BOO-lous Kitty

Hi Crafty Friends,
Do you love cats? Well, it must be your FAVORITE time of year! The Cat Lovers Blog Hop! This is the 8th year! I am happy to be sharing a card from SUPER Sponsor Your Next Stamp. I love this little kitty peeking out of the witch's boot!

Make Crafty Friends Q & A:
Q: Where does your cat like to hide?
A: Me? I don't have a cat but my pup likes to bury under blankets

Your Next Stamp Fa-BOO-lous Halloween
Your Next Stamp Spooky Cute 6x6 Paper Pad
Your Next Stamp Stitched Rectangle Die Set

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Digi Choose Day #43: Anything Goes
2022 Cat Lovers Hop



  1. Another wonderful card! fabulous built up background. impressive shading and love the definition of the use of the white pen. Happy hopping from Cat Lovers!

  2. This is adorable with the kitty peeking out from the witch's shoe. My cats hide in secret places that we have yet to discover! :)
    Thanks so much for participating in the #2022CatLoversHop!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

    1. Oh, rats.....It logged me out again! Sorry abt that.
      It even did that to me on my OWN blog when I was replying to someone's comment!! :(

  3. Hello from the Cat Lovers Hop. great colour combo, I love it.
    I don't have a cat but our dog likes to hide under blanket too.

  4. Fabulous, Megan!
    Your pup is so adorable! x

  5. Another lovely Halloween card! I love all of the purples! Fun crafty question! My kitty is old and doesn't hide any more, but when we can't find him, we have about 5 places that we look and he's always in one of them!

  6. Love the colours. Hopping from the Cat Lovers Hop.

  7. Hello again from the cat lovers hop!
    Another super adorable card and gorgeous image colored so beautifully!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  8. Awesome work on this cutecard! My Parrot, Turk likes to hide between my legs under the tablet holder.
    Carla from Arizona

  9. Eeek! Loving all that yummy purple! Great card. I don't have a kitty either, but my parrot (who THINKS he's a kitty & says so!) will go fly back into his cage where he knows it's safe (otherwise, he wants to be out all day!).

  10. My cats hide everywhere! :D
    Another amazing and cute card! Love the kitty peeking out from the witch's boot!

  11. Super cute card for the Cat Lovers Hop! Love that kitty peeking out of the boot!
    Coco has many hiding spots. Sometime we can't find her anywhere, then all of a sudden she shows up at my heels. It's a mystery!

  12. Love puss in the boots. I don't think Bear
    would ever hide, unless she was in trouble.
    Then she'd run into her kennel.
    thanks for sharing

  13. I love the purple and black. My cat like to sleep in the closet or under a little skirted table. Great card!

  14. this is super cute!
    My cats like to hide under blankets.
    Hi from Cat lovers blog hop! 🐾

  15. Loving the purple & black, Meghan! Darling kitty in the boot. I'm dropping by again from the Cat Lovers Hop.

  16. Megan, your little cat is just too cute! I have a cat that would love hiding in that boot too. I'm dropping by from the Cat Lovers Hop too.

  17. Cat peeking out of boot had me looking all over. Visiting from Cat Lovers Blog Hop.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  18. Michele K. HendersonOctober 28, 2022 at 10:40 PM

    That little kitty in the boot is SO CUTE!

  19. These are super images! Great card!
    Just hopping by from the Cat Lovers Hop

  20. So cute with the kitty in the boot.